Centennial Jubilee

Centennial Jubilee
For Symphonic Winds (7:00)

Composed by William V. Johnson (2015)

The year 2016 marked the centennial of the band program at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. “Centennial Jubilee” was also written to celebrate the 50th anniversary of me becoming its director, thus the “Jubilee” in the title. 2016 was also the 20th anniversary of the San Luis Obispo Performing Arts Center, and the 10th anniversary of Professor Christopher J. Woodruff becoming the Associate Director of the Cal Poly Bands.

While this sparkling and festive work is dedicated to the men and women of the Cal Poly Bands, it also pays tribute to the thousands of young musicians throughout the world who strive for the highest in their performance. As a result, this celebratory work exudes great energy, evoking a strong feeling of pride and enthusiasm. Its fast-slow-fast structure, its sensitive harmonies and melodies, and its technical challenges will give ample opportunity to create excitement for both the performer and the listener.

The following is a computer generated sound-file of the work:


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